By registering on the manifest website, I have been informed by P3 TEAM SAS.
Identified with NIT. 900.777.360-6 that:

i. P3 TEAM will act as Responsible and / or as Person in Charge of Data Processing
personal data of which I am the owner and who may collect, use and process my data
according to the P3 TEAM Personal Data Treatment Policy.

ii. For the purposes of this authorization, I expressly state that the term “Personal Data”
must be understood in the broadest sense possible, in accordance with the data
protection law, and includes all the information legally collected by P3 TEAM, including
photographs, images and videos in which i appear.

iii. It is optional to answer questions that relate to Sensitive Data or minors.

iv. My rights as the owner of the data are those provided in the Colombian Constitution
and the law, especially the right to know, update, rectify and delete my personal
information, as well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the processing of
personal data.

v. The rights can be exercised through the channels provided by P3 TEAM and by
observing the Company's Personal Data Treatment Policy. The data may be delivered
safely and under the direction of P3 TEAM S.A.S, to foreign companies, service
providers and / or contractors, and in any case they will be managed in a secure
computer infrastructure by P3 TEAM S.A.S and / or its managers, confidentially and will
not be transferred to third parties.

vii. For any questions or additional information related to the processing of personal
data, I can contact the email address of the Data Controller: or
by written communication addressed to Cra 65F # 31-40 int. 609 tower 4 in MedellĂ­n,

viii. P3 TEAM guarantees confidentiality, freedom, security, veracity, transparency,
access and restricted circulation of my data and reserves the right to modify its Personal
Data Treatment Policy at any time.

Taking into account the foregoing, I voluntarily, previously, explicitly, informed and
unequivocally authorize P3 TEAM to process my personal data in accordance with the
Personal Data Treatment Policy and for the purposes related to its corporate purpose
and especially for purposes legal, contractual, commercial described in the Company’s

Personal Data Treatment Policy. The information obtained for the Treatment of my
personal data I have provided voluntarily, and it is true.